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So you want to learn to play guitar?

Wow! That's a loaded question. Of course you want to learn guitar. And there is no shortage of places on the web to go to get some pretty good information that will give you a good start.

Warning: this site does not try to offer all things to all people trying to learn to play guitar. In fact, you will find the focus here pretty tight. What you will get here is information about learning to play lead guitar as easily, as quickly and as enjoyably as possible. Check out our Where Do I Start section for more information.

And nothing less than that - because we love helping people learn the secrets of the guitar.

We love hearing about the excitement people experience when they start to create lead riffs, solos and melody lines on the spot during a jam with friends or while listening to a cd because they used the EasyLead Guitar Map™. See for yourself in our EasyLead Advantage section, which details why the EasyLead Guitar Map™ is right for you.

But the first thing you must do is honestly qualify your personal interests and playing ability to determine if you are ready to start learning the real secrets of playing guitar and the total creative freedom that comes with understanding and mastering the fretboard and scales.

If you cannot yet:

  • form chords
  • or change chords smoothly
  • strum basic patterns or play a song in its entirety
  • use a pick comfortably or do not have dexterity to fingerpick

Then you probably aren't yet ready to make the next big leap in learning to play guitar because you have to learn to walk before you can learn to run.

But if you...

  • know the basics about chords
  • and can change chords easily
  • can strum and play songs easily
  • love playing or singing
  • are in a creative rut
  • wish you could express the melodies in your head
  • and want to use your guitar like your voice
  • are at the next big transition phase of learning guitar

You are at the right place.

If you love to play guitar, then ultimately you probably would love to get to the point where you can really access the potential of the guitar and that means not just strumming chords, but playing melodies, riffs, solos, creative licks, you name it! Lead guitar!

But the vast majority of people NEVER learn to play guitar beyond playing chords! They NEVER make it through the next transition phase of learning guitar.

It's so sad because once you start to learn to play freely, at will, pick out the key, the scale you won't believe how much fun you will have. And you will have separated yourself from the other 85% who, sadly, NEVER make the transition.

Why does this happen? Usually because the traditional methods of learning guitar scales and how they relate to chords and their positions on the fretboard is done by more theoretical means and disciplined memory.

So what are the best ways to learn? What are the negatives and positives to each method? What are the common elements among these methods?

The best ways to learn to play guitar and specifically lead guitar are:

  • Guitar instruction is something everyone should get at some point because it is where you can potentially see the most benefit. But it's by far the most expensive (at least $30-$40/ 30 minute session).

  • Playing with another musician or group of musicians is the next best thing to personal instruction because you are learning vicariously by attempting to play with better musicians and in a very practical way. But you are limited to when you can actually get together with your fellow musicians and what there talent level is.

  • Listening and playing to guitar instruction videos can potentially be helpful because you are seeing and hearing examples that you can try to practice and emulate. But buying endless videos can get expensive and you really have to be committed to following each lesson.

  • Reading books on guitar theory and playing exercises can also give you a deeper understanding of what is happening when you are playing. But after reading you have to actually play and practice to transfer the newly acquired knowledge to your fingers.

Did you notice the common thread to all those methods of learning guitar? It's playing that matters actually playing something, a song, a riff, a scale, a chord progression.

If there was some way of learning to play guitar that didn't make you feel like you were trying to memorize a scale or pattern and was fun and gave you an immediate feeling of success or progress - that would be great.

If it was cheap (you don't have to pay $40 for 30 minutes for a tuitor) and you could use it no matter where you were or while listening to your cds while you were relaxing, imagine how much more fun it would be. That would be great too.

Well, this site is dedicated to helping you find the best ways to learn guitar for you. We scour the market looking for the most effective products we can find to help you in your pursuit of mastering your guitar.

Our featured product is the EasyLead Guitar Map™, which our customers have been telling us in testimonials, is an absolutely fantastic transition tool for the up and coming guitarist.

It does just what was suggested. It shows you exactly where the notes of the scale you are playing are located on your guitar. All you do is jam to your favorite song and the patterns that you see! No more frustration trying to memorize a pattern you saw in a book two weeks ago and can barely remember.

And we've made it even easier for you to taste success right away with our Jam Tracks Package composed in the same key as your selected EasyLead Guitar Maps™. Just plug in to your amp. Play a Jam Track and start following the note locators to learn guitar scale patterns, melody and creative riffs faster than anything you ever imagined.

You can slide up and down the guitar from one octave to the next depending on your mood. You are actually learning while you are playing and having fun making music. How cool is that? Check it out and see what you think.

If we find another way of learning guitar that we think will help you, we'll review it and if we think it's any good we'll feature it for you to review for yourself be it software, learning products or services - whatever.

You see, we know that the greatest feeling you will every have is to make it to the next level in your pursuit of learning guitar. And it's so sad to see people give up because they don't know how to get to the next phase.

So bookmark this page to tune in from time to time. Or check out our free guitar scale lessons, that you can use any time to get rocking!

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